Suggested Trip Ideas


Let us help you plan your trip to the Susquehanna River Valley with some great ideas for themed mini vacations. Hit all the stops and stay for a long weekend or just pick one or two activities and make it a day trip. Your fun is up to YOU! We're here to offer some ideas to help get you started! Check out the suggested trips below:

A Treasure At Every Turn

There’s a long weekend coming up — why not stretch it out by a day? Come to the Susquehanna River Valley, the perfect place to experience a weekend completely away from the rest of the world.

Cats, Caves And Carousels

Did you know that right here in Central PA you can come within feet of lions and exotic wildlife from all over the world, Tour America's only all-water cave and spend a day at the country's largest free-admission/free-parking amusement park?

Crossroads Of History Road Trip

Historic districts and tree-lined streets have been preserved through the ages here in Central PA and today this Crossroads of History is ready for you to discover, explore and enjoy!

Every Town A Treasure Road Trip

Filled with historic towns and architecture, broad tree-lined streets, meandering scenic roads, covered bridges, lush forests, and a high quality of life, the Susquehanna River Valley is the type of region that calls to artists and those who appreciate simple beauty.

Girlfriend Getaways

Start planning your ultimate Girl’s Night Out! We've got all the ingredients you'll need for an awesome 2 to 3 night getaway in the Susquehanna River Valley!

Plan The Ultimate Guys Night(s) Out!

K guys! Here you are! Get ready for a “Man’s” weekend, complete with lots of action, brew pubs, golf and/or other outdoor activities, and, of course, great food. This is the Ultimate Boys’ Night Out, stretched into an extended weekend.

Handmade And Homegrown

Travel the back roads, slip through covered bridges, visit farms and watch artisans create products that have been made here for generations — from hand-spun pottery to homemade candy and so much more.

Lizards And Little League Day Trip

We'll bet you didn't know that right here in Central PA, you can get a first-hand look at one of the world's most rare species of reptile and then (in the same day) see the birthplace of Little League Baseball?! Well we have them both, right here!