History & Museums

When you come to the Susquehanna River Valley, it may feel like you've stepped back in time - when the pace of life was a little slower and neighbors knew one another. While you're here, take some time to indulge your senses.

Listen to the clip-clop of horse and buggies as they scurry from the country side to the downtown to sell their produce and wares. Squeeze and smell the fresh produce at our roadside stands and farmers markets. Observe history that's alive and thriving in realistic reenactments, museums, heritage festivals, and educational experiences. Touch handmade quilts that took months to craft by hand. Taste our local specialties, like whoopie pies, pot pie, and apple butter.

While you're in the area, stop by our Visitor Information Center and pick up a Covered Bridge map. You'll quickly realize that our region is home to 17 of the oldest and most unique covered bridges. Also consider exploring our diverse downtowns by foot. Historic Walking Tours are available for many of our downtowns. Discover the unique history and heritage of our downtowns with our "Every Town a Treasure" brochures.