Thomas Edison Illuminated Walking Tour

Edison LightOn a September evening in 1883, the famed inventor Thomas Edison led a crowd of townspeople through Shamokin to demonstrate his new electric lighting system. The Edison Illuminated Walking Tour follows the path of Edison's groundbreaking tour that evening over 100 years ago. Step back in time as you visit sites connected with Edison's world-changing work in Shamokin. Walk the steps of the tour he led showcasing the first commercial use of his electrical system for home, business and church. Learn about the Shamokin business leaders who invested in the first Edison Electric Illuminating Company in the world.

  1. Edison Electric Illuminating Company – Chartered by forward-thinking and innovative business leaders of Shamokin, this coal-powered electrical plant was the starting point for Edison’s demonstration of his three-wire, direct current electrical system.

  2. McConnell Mansion – The next stop on Edison’s tour was the McConnell Mansion, the first home in Shamokin to be lit by electricity.

  3. Stirling Colliery Office – This is the location of Edison’s first meeting with Shamokin investors

  4. William Douty Building - Stop four was the electrically lit first floor grocery store in the William Douty Building which was also the location of public meetings with local investors who fully funded the Edison Electric Illuminating Company.

  5. Myron Thomas Photography Studios – At the age of 35 during one of his visits to Shamokin, Edison had his photo taken. The photo became one of the most iconic and well-known images of the inventor.

  6. John Mullen Iron Works – John Mullen was the first treasurer of the Edison Electric illuminating Company. He also installed Central PA’s first electric arc lighting plant at this location.

  7. St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church – The first church to be lit by Edison’s three-wire, incandescent lighting system.

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