Coal Heritage

The Coal Heritage region represents the backbone of America's industrial revolution and the heritage of the immigrants who came to work in the coal mines, silk and knitting mills, stocking and shirt factories, wagon shops, ironworks and brickyards. Local communities celebrate this legacy with deep pride.

Today the region has found a new purpose as a national destination for family-friendly fun. Reclaimed land from strip mining has been transformed into amazing playgrounds for off-roading enthusiasts. With beautiful vistas and unique challenges, these off-roading parks draw thousands of visitors into the region every year. The Coal Heritage region is also home to an award-winning amusement park. Knoebels Amusement Resort offers over 60 rides including world class wooden rollercoasters, camping and amazing food.

Visitors will enjoy discovering the flavors of the region at local eateries. Soupies, babkas, flitch, hrudka, mozhee and pigeons or halupkis are among the highlights.

Discover the attractions, shops, restaurants and businesses within the Coal Heritage region: