Fall Foliage Tours

Fall Foliage Tours in Central PA

Dense woodlands surround much of this beautiful region, making it home to some of Pennsylvania's most beautiful old-growth forests. Our highways and byways are ideal for glorious autumn afternoon drives or bicycle rides. Our peaceful country roads, mountains, valleys, and pastoral fields are sure to inspire you.

While you're here, experience one of many family-friendly fall festivals!

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View Fall Foliage from the Air!

Make the memory of a lifetime in a beautiful hot air balloon ride this fall in the Susquehanna River Valley. The U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team will provide you with a spectacular view of Central Pennsylvania fall foliage from high above the tree tops. Few things in life compare to the thrill and excitement of a breathtaking hot air balloon ride.

Fall Foliage Walking Or Biking Tours

Rail Trail Lewisburg and Mifflinburg


The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail is a 9.2 mile trail that joins Lewisburg and Mifflinburg. The trail includes bathroom facilities and parking areas at both ends and interpretive signage along the route. The trail parallels Route 45 (see map). Along the trail you will see beautiful fall foliage up close as you meander through the countryside. Reds, golds, and oranges light Pennsylvania's woodlands with brilliant colors. The last of the season’s wildflowers add a bit of color to woodland edges and meadows.

Montour Preserve offers fourteen miles of beautiful leaf viewing walking/hiking trails. They range in size from the handicapped-accessible Hummingbird Trail to the more challenging Chilisuagi Trail that loops around the lake. Many of the trails are interpretive trails, providing either signs or booklets that describe natural or historical features along the trail. Most trails pass through several habitats offering a variety of plant and animal life along the way

If you prefer to be wheeling along, bikes can be rented from Earl's Bicycle Store. More fall biking routes can be found here.

Fall Foliage Driving Tours

Route 304 Loop (45 minutes, 26 miles)
Along the way, you’ll experience quaint downtowns and rural landscapes alike. From Lewisburg, travel south on Route 15 towards Winfield, about 4 miles. Turn right onto Route 304 West and follow for approximately 8 miles into New Berlin.  From New Berlin, continue on Route 304 West to Mifflinburg. Turn right onto Route 45 East and follow it to Lewisburg.

Route 104 / Route 522 Loop (1 hour 15 minutes, 45 miles)
Here you’ll view fall foliage with the backdrop of mountain ranges and deep valleys. From Lewisburg, follow Market Street, which turns into Route 45 West. Travel on Route 45 West for 9 miles into Mifflinburg. Go through the town of Mifflinburg and turn left onto Route 104 South. Follow 104 South to Route 522 East to Selinsgrove. From Selinsgrove, follow Route 15 North to Lewisburg.

Covered Bridges & Country Roads Loop (1 hour, 30 minutes, 45 miles)
Explore several covered bridges and country roads while viewing the colorful fall leaves. This tour starts and ends at our Visitors Center and takes you through peaceful backroads. From the Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau drive south on Route 15. Turn left on River Road. After you go around the curve notice on your right the Slifer House Museum, a grand Tuscan style mansion, home of Eli Slifer, secretary of Pennsylvania during the Civil War. Continue on River Road and take the first left on North Water Street. You will pass the Street of Shops, a huge restored woolen mill with 375 specialty shops on your left. Turn left on Market Street and cross the bridge over the Susquehanna River. Continue on PA Route 45 east for 2.8 miles. Turn right onto Covered Bridge Road. Bear right at the Y to stay on Covered Bridge Road. Cross Rishel Covered Bridge, a burr truss bridge built in 1830. From the bridge go 1 mile winding through farmland and then turn left on Frederick Road. Cross the intersection of PA Route 45 and continue on Shakespeare Road. Turn right on S Mill Road towards Pottsgrove. Turn right onto PA Route 642. Go .5 mile and turn left onto Creek Road. Proceed .8 mile and notice the Sam Wagner Covered Bridge on your right. Turn left to stay on Creek road. Continue .7 mile and turn right on Mexico Road. Proceed 1.8 mile and see Kohl’s Stony Hill Farm Tree Farm and Corn Maze on the left. Continue 3.5 miles and turn right on Keefer Mill Road. Cross Keefer Mill Covered Bridge, built in 1853 and restored in 1983. Continue for .5 miles and turn right onto Stecker Mill Road.  Turn left and continue 3.2 mile on Narehood Road until you reach PA Route 642. Turn right and go .5 mile. Then turn right on Bridge Road. Go 1 mile and cross the Sam Wagner Bridge. Turn left on Creek Road. Turn right on PA Route 642. * Go 2.9 mile and take Route 147 North toward Watsontown. Go 3.7 miles and take exit for Watsontown. At bottom of ramp turn left on Susquehanna Trail. Turn right on Route 405 N. Go 2.1 miles and turn left on W. Brimmer Avenue. Cross bridge over Susquehanna River and continue 2.3 miles on White Deer Pike. Turn left on Gray Hill Road and proceed .2 miles to the Factory/Horsham Bridge, built in 1880. Go 1.48 miles and turn left on New Columbia Road. Go 2 miles and take left onto Route 15 S which will take you back to the SRVVB and Country Cupboard Restaurant.

*Alternate Route: Go 4.5 miles and cross Bridge over Susquehanna River. You will pass over the West Milton State Park, an 82-acre island on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River offering hiking, river access, and other recreational opportunities. Continue west and turn right to Route 15 North. Go 3.7 miles and take Watsontown exit. At bottom of ramp turn left on Old Route 15. At stop sign turn left and continue 1.6 miles on White Deer Pike. Turn left on Gray Hill Road and proceed .2 miles to the Factory/Horsham Bridge, built in 1880. Go 1.48 miles and turn left on New Columbia Road. Go 2 miles and take left onto Route 15 S which will take you back to the SRVVB and Country Cupboard Restaurant. (Approx. 43 Miles Total)

Route 45 (Purple Heart Hwy) / Route 192 Loop (2 hours 5 minutes, 92 miles)
Along the way, you’ll see rural pastures, farm fields, barns, Amish horse-and-buggies and ample fall foliage. This tour also includes some natural wonders that you may want to stop and check out. From Lewisburg, follow Market Street, which turns into Route 45 West. Also called the Purple Heart Highway, this route is 92 miles of historic, scenic beauty that ends in the State College area. If you don’t want to take the entire loop, take a right on any of the major paved roads off of Route 45 and you’ll intersect with Route 192 (45 and 192 run parallel to one another). Take 192 East back to Lewisburg.

Union County Loop- Route 15 to 304 to 45 (40 minutes, 21 miles)

From Lewisburg, travel south on Route 15 towards Winfield, approximately 4 miles. Turn right onto Route 304 West and follow for almost 8 miles into New Berlin. Turn right on Vine Street and continue out of town (Vine Street turns into New Berlin Mountain Road and then Dreisbach Church Road) Cross Furnace Road and continue to the intersection with Route 45. Turn right and go approximately 4 miles to return to Lewisburg.  Along the way, you’ll experience quaint downtowns and rural landscapes alike.

Riverside/Snydertown/Sunbury (40 minutes, 25 miles)
From Riverside, follow Route 54 to Elysburg, then turn right onto Route 487 and drive about 1-2 miles. Turn right on Bottle Drive. Proceed to the stop sign at the T and turn left on Snydertown Road. Continue several miles (pass Greenleaf Greenhouses) then turn left onto Mill Road to see Keefer Station covered bridge (about ½ mile, dirt road). Continue on Mill Road to Sawmill Road. Turn left and continue to Black Mill Road. Turn right and follow back to Snydertown Road. Turn left to continue toward Sunbury. As you come into the town, you will pass the Sunbury Hospital on your left. Continue to the traffic light at Market Street/Route 61 and turn right to end the trip in downtown Sunbury.

South from Sunbury to Herndon to Shamokin  – Routes 147 to 225 and 61 (1 hour 15 minutes, 50 miles)
Start in Sunbury and follow Route 147 South along the River. After you pass Herndon, pick up Route 225 to Shamokin, then travel back to Sunbury on Route 61. This route will provide amazing fall vistas of the rural farmlands of Central Pennsylvania.

East from Sunbury to Shamokin and Back – Route 61 to 125 to 25 to 225 to 890 (2 hours, 80 miles)
Pick up Route 61 and head east to Shamokin.  From Shamokin, take Route 125, heading south to Hegins.  At Hegins, take Route 25 to Berrysburg, At Berrysburg, take Route 225, heading north to Trevorton. At Trevorton, take Route 890, heading north back to Sunbury.  This tour will have a lot of roads with a lot of curves, but you’ll see some of the quaint towns and open scenery and valleys of this section of the Susquehanna River Valley.

Mifflinburg to McAlisterville – Route 104 to 35 (I hour, 30 minutes, 60 miles)
Follow Route 104 in Mifflinburg South to Mount Pleasant Mills. Take Route 35 West to McAlisterville. Turn right on Route 235 and follow to Route 45 back to Mifflinburg.

Western Snyder County - Route 522 to 235 (1 hour, 42 miles)
Take Route 522 West from Selinsgrove, through Middleburg and Beavertown to Beaver Springs, then turn right onto Route 235. Turn right onto Creek Road in Benfer and follow back to Route 522 to go back to Selinsgrove.


Southern Snyder County - Route 35 (50 minutes, 35 miles)

Follow Route 35 West from Selinsgrove through Kantz and Freeburg to blinking light at Mount Pleasant Mills (intersection of Route 35 & Route 104). Turn right onto Route 104 and travel about ¾ mile, then turn left onto Heister Valley Road. Follow to end of Heister Valley Road in Richfield, then turn left onto Route 35 and follow back to Selinsgrove.


Weiser State Forest to open trail for drive-through
The Roaring Creek Trail in Weiser State Forest in Columbia and Northumberland counties will be open to motor vehicles on a Sunday in October (TBD) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Traffic will be restricted to one-way travel on the 8-mile trail in the Roaring Creek tract. The drive will begin at the parking lot gate long Pa. Route 42 north of Centralia, and exit at the Pa. Route 54 parking lot gate to the west.

The public is invited to come out and enjoy the day. Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and stop at one of several picnic tables located along the trail, or share the pavilion at the C. Q. McWilliams Picnic Area. The picnic area is adjacent to McWilliams Reservoir at the half-way point of the trail.

All vehicles must exit the Roaring Creek Trail by 3:00 PM. Passenger vehicles only (cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, passenger vans, motorcycles) will be permitted to enter. 


Route 15- Don’t forget about Route 15- this bustling corridor features gorgeous fall foliage and connects to Interstate 80, Route 45, 192, 11, and others.