Wine Trail Passport 

As winter's chill takes hold, the vineyards in the Susquehanna River Valley transform, with icy tendrils glistening on dormant vines and the air carrying the crisp scent of the earth's slumber. Visitors, bundled in warm coats and scarves, are treated to a unique tasting experience—rich, full-bodied reds that capture the essence of the season and crisp, invigorating whites that dance on the palate like the first snowflakes of winter. Each stop along the trail offers not just a sip of wine but a taste of winter's magic: roaring fireplaces and the warm camaraderie that comes from sharing a bottle in the coldest of seasons. The Susquehanna River Valley Wine Trail is not just an exploration of flavors but a celebration of the serene beauty and intimate moments that winter brings.


The Wine Trail Passport will be on sale November 24, 2023.