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unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley

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 A Premier Raw Road Adventure through forest hills and idyllic farm country
of Central Pennsylvania.
If the climbs don’t take your breath away, the fall foliage will.

 UnPAved Pennsylvania rides out of Lewisburg, this year on Sunday, October 11th. You can choose from 30, 54, 90 or 120 miles with progressively challenging amounts of elevation. The Buffalo Valley rail trail offers a gentle start out of Lewisburg and into the peaceful countryside. From there the ride heads off onto towards Bald Eagle State forest and some steep gravel climbs on the service roads that are rewarded with stunning fall views of the surrounding area. In 2019, riders also had a photo-op at the last overlook with the Salsa Cycles Chase the Chaise, hopefully they will return for 2020! Finish festival includes free beer, food, and chances to win prizes for all participants.

2020 registration opens at 9AM on July 11th!

Check out videos from 2019 unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley!