Interactive Map of The Susquehanna River Valley

Click on the map below to see treasures within each county in the Susquehanna River Valley.

Map of The Susquehanna River Valley

Map of Susquehanna River Treasures

Approximate Distance

Approximate mileage from select cities to the Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau in Lewisburg, PA

Baltimore 135 New York City 200
Buffalo 220 Philadelphia 165
Cleveland 285 Pittsburgh 225
Cincinnati 530 Reading 95
Corning 105 Scranton 95
Gettysburg 100 State College 55
Harrisburg 60 Toronto 345
Hershey 65 Washington, DC 175
Lancaster 100 Wilkes-Barre 80
Montreal 435

Finding the Susquehanna River Valley

The Susquehanna River Valley is made up of three counties in Central Pennsylvania - Snyder, Union, and Northumberland Counties.

Though the Susquehanna River runs throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we define the Susquehanna River Valley as the geographic area where the two branches meet. This is something unique only to our area and the three counties that border the confluence.

The Susquehanna River Valley not only includes the river but all of the scenic valleys and countrysides that make the tri-county region an attractive destination.

Getting Here by Car

Traveling from the East or West on Interstate 80

To locate our Visitor Information Center, take I-80 Exit 210-A and follow Route 15 south for 4 miles. Turn right onto Hafer Road then left into the parking lot. Other popular east/west routes include Routes 35, 45, 192, & 522.

Traveling from the North or South

Route 15 brings travelers from Canada and points south into the Susquehanna River Valley, while the same highway transports visitors north from the Washington, D.C., Baltimore areas and beyond. Connecting highways may include Routes 81, 83, 104, & 322.

Getting Here by Bus or Plane

For more information about getting to the Susquehanna River Valley by bus or plane, click here.