unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley

Outdoor Adventure

April 10, 2021 to October 10, 2021

unPAved Susquehanna River Valley

The 2021 Edition

What we did (and loved) in 2019 + What we learned in 2020
= unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley on October 10th

unPAved Registration Lottery
Opens at 6pm ET on Sunday, 4/11 and closes at 9pm ET on Wednesday 4/28

As Cautiously Optimistic as a Gravel Descent

We think we can bring back the magic of our 2019 event. We think some of the changes we made for the 2020 event are worth keeping. We are planning to bring it all together on October 10th of 2021 and hope to see you there.
Full details are up on the unPAved website and here are some highlights:

  • 800 participants for unPAved & 400 participants for SOMEpaved
  • Lottery Registration for unPAved opens at 6pm ET on Sunday, April 11th and Registration for SOMEpaved will open on Monday, May 3rd.
    • unPAved Lottery closes on at 9pm ET on Wednesday, 4/28. Winners will be notified that they are in (and billed for the registration fee) on Friday, 4/30.
  • Six Segments, adding up to 43 miles of the Full-120 course, will be timed to determine the 2021 King & Queen of the Whoopie Pies!
  • Choose Your Own Start Time: Since the unPAved Full-120 race is timed over specific segments there's no need for a mass-start (and all the chaos that comes with it). All categories will have timeframes to start within, instead of a mass-start time.
  • FUN ALL WEEKEND LONG! Get un(G)ravelled on Friday Night in downtown Lewisburg, go for a social spin and take part in the Fall Festival on Saturday, the big ride on Sunday followed with the DONEpaved Party, and join us for a Brunch Ride before heading home on Monday (this is a 3-day weekend, officially).
That's the working plan, and while there will likely be some changes and tweaks over the next 6 months, we're fairly confident it's viable, doable, and as enjoyable as a freshly-baked whoopie pie!

Bringing back some favorite courses & making some new ones!



All courses are subject to change, so stay tuned (and give us feedback)!

A Message from Our Title Sponsor
"We are beyond excited to begin planning for the 2021 unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley. The 2020 unPAved, though small in number, was big in energy and we were so happy that the event was held. Everyone involved in the planning of this year’s event is eager and optimistic that 2021 will bring back the energy and spirit of celebration and community that we remember from 2019."
–Andrew Miller, Executive Director, Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau

Let's Talk About It

There's a lot going on, and we miss you! So let's get together on a Facebook Live this Wednesday (April 14) at 8pm ET for a Q&A.

unPAved Apparel
The amazing unPAved Team Collection will be available on the Voler Store through the rest of April, and we have some special gear by Giro, hats and some pireogi bags, too! 

Full Transparency

The registration lottery gives us a little time to have some back and forth, dial in some specifics, and settle in to what this normal looks like (hopefully).
So if you have a question, concern or idea holler.
And those who deferred last year—we'll be in touch soon!
Thank you for your support and patience. We mean that. A lot.

Sponsor Love

Thanks to the people at the following companies for their support in keeping unPAved going, for you!

Six months to go! Start climbing!
Love ya, bye.

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