Nomad Distilling Co. Wedding Giveaway


February 17, 2021 to March 8, 2021

Nomad Distilling Co.

Enjoy the day of your dreams, Stress Free

We’ve partnered with some great local vendors to! We are taking the stress away from planning a wedding, and providing you the venue, food, beverage, flowers, hair & makeup from Salon Magnolias, photography from Emily Kane Photography, and music. We’re not joking! 


This past year has been rough for a lot of Pennsylvania couples. Nomad Distilling has seen so many that have had to cancel or reschedule their big day due to state restrictions, financial distress. As a place that loves to host weddings and see people on one of the happiest days of their lives, Nomad Distilling was frankly getting pretty bummed out! They put our heads together to find out a way to change that and decided to give away a wedding! 

For more information about the free wedding visit:

How it Works:

  1. Review the rules & restrictions and make sure you are eligible.

  2. Apply! Visit this link to apply for our FREE WEDDING Giveaway. 

  3. Submissions will be reviewed and narrowed down.

  4. Semi-finalist will be announced on March 1st. 

  5. Voting begins. Each couple will be given a link to encourage their friends and family to vote. 

  6. Voting closes March 8th. 

  7. Finalists announced. 

  8. Voting begins. 

  9. Winner announced on March 15th! 

Nomad Distilling Co.
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Nomad Distilling Co.
Nomad Distilling Co. Wedding Giveaway
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