Lewisburg in Lights (NOTICE: Raindate Change to April 22)


April 15, 2021 to April 22, 2021

Lewisburg Area Recreation Park

Lewisburg in Lights

Community Connection and Inspiration

Where: St Mary’s Park of 15th Street in front of the pool.

Date: April 22 Time: 7 pm (updated from the 15th to the 22nd)

Rain Date: April 22nd at the same time

Join us for a magical, peaceful night of light, honor,
commemoration, looking forward, poetry, singing and sharing.


There is light at the end of this tunnel.  We all were plunged into something we were not prepared for and we've all been changed from the things we've experienced this year.  There have been missed opportunities, loved ones who have passed away, and fears that have been made a reality.  It has been a tough year and one that we would all like to move forward from.  We want to take some time to honor the things we have experienced from this year, but also to look forward to the light ahead.  

On Thursday evening, April 15th  at 7 pm we will gather together at St Mary’s Park for a time of remembering this past year, but also to share our hopes going forward.  We will be lighting luminaries, having a time of poetry, singing, and sharing together as a community.

RAIN DATE: April 22 at the same time.

What we need from you?  1. Show up for this event.  2. Stop by the CommUnity Zone Tuesday – Friday from 10 – 4 pm to write the name of a loved one who passed this past year or a hope you have for the future on one of our luminary bags. 3. Share this message with as many people in our community that you can!


ALSO: We need volunteers to help with the lighting and setting up of the luminaries. Please contact us at the CommUnity Zone to get on our list. [email protected].


The luminaries will be a magical, peaceful night of light. In order to make the best experience possible for everyone, we ask that you please adhere to the following:

  • Masks will be required. You must wear a face covering at all times during the event to help protect yourselves, other participants, and volunteers from COVID-19.

  • In order to amplify the soft yellow light of the luminaries, personal lights are not allowed (this includes flashlights, strobe lights, blinking lights, light-up toys, jewelry/clothing, sleds, etc.). The trail will be plenty bright for you to comfortably see where you are going.

Sponsored by the CommUnity Zone, in collaboration with Albright Care Services ,Beaver Memorial United Methodist Church, Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority, Campus Theatre, Lewisburg Downtown Partnership, and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.








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