Cycling Weekend in the Susquehanna River Valley

Lodging Promotions and Packages

December 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021

Cycling Weekend in the Susquehanna River Valley

The SRV is uniquely positioned as home to one of the top ten gravel cyclist events in the nation with unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley event that takes place annually in October. Building upon this top ten event, the SRVVB has worked with the producers of unPAved in the SRV to create a one of a kind package for cyclists that spend a weekend or longer in the SRV this summer.  In addition to the SRVVB and unPAved of the SRV, other partners of this package include GU Energy Labs, Floyd’s of Leadville, Chamois Butt’r, R. E. Load Bags, Stan’s NoTubes, Purple Lizard Maps, and Nittany Mountain Works.

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Click here for a complete list of items and discounts in the package.

HOW WILL IT WORK? Interested cyclists should call one of the “Exclusive Lodging Partners” list for the Cyclist Weekend in the SRV to make their reservation. When making your reservation use the promotion code “Cyclist SRV 2020” to receive the weekend package benefits. Once the reservation is made, the SRVVB Lodging Partner will email SRVVB and provide us with the contact information, number of people in the party, and the arrival date for the weekend package. The SRVVB will deliver the Cyclist Weekend in the SRV package to the front desk within 24-hours of the guest’s arrival.


Susquehanna River Valley Trails

Central Pennsylvania is superb for bicycling, as the country roads are lightly traveled and drivers are used to sharing the roads with Amish buggies and bikes. The hills in our region are rolling and moderate. The terrain is not flat by anyone's definition but what would be the challenge in that? Find out more about the top trails in the Susquehanna River Valley here.