NED Talks from the Ned Smith Center for Nature & Arts

Just for Kids

January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Ned Smith Center for Nature & Art

Dive head first into discovery and exploration of the world around us with NED Talks from the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art.

NED Talks

NED Talks is an informative, educational and fun exploration into nature and the arts in and around the Ned Smith Center. Join NSCNA educators Emily Rosmus and Hunter Kauffman as they dive head first into the discovery and exploration of the world around us! NED Talks is posted regularly on our official YouTube page!

Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art YouTube Channel

Topics include:

NEDTALKS | EPISODE 29 | Nature, Caught on Camera!

NEDTALKS | EPISODE 28 | Owls & Ales

NEDTALKS | EPISODE 27 | Is Taxidermy Art?

NEDTALKS | EPISODE 26 | Winter Bird Feeding

NEDTALKS | EPISODE 25 | Winter Tree Mystery

NEDTALKS | EPISODE 24 | All About Christmas Trees



NEDTALKS | EPISODE 21 | Time Travel on the Millersburg Ferry

NED TALKS | Episode 20 Did We Find Bigfoot?!

NEDTALKS | EPISODE 19 | Not So Spooky Spiders

NEDTALKS | EPISODE 18 | Butterflies, Moths & The Kopp Collection

NED TALKS | EPISODE 17 | Day Hiking & Trail Etiquette

NED TALKS | Episode 16 | Beginners Nature Photography

NED TALKS | Episode 15 | DIY Gooey Art

NED TALKS | Episode 14 | Patterns In Nature

NED TALKS | Episode 13 | Virtual Trail Tour

NED TALKS | Episode 12 | Virtual Salamander Search

NED TALKS | Episode 11 | Custom Ned Smith Center Stained Glass

NED TALKS | Episode 10 | Virtual Wildflower Walk

NED TALKS | Episode 9 | Sensory Pathway

NED TALKS | Episode 8 | Covid-19 & The State of The Center

NED TALKS | Episode 7 | Earth Day Tips

NED TALKS | Episode 6 | DIY Bird Feeder

NED TALKS | Episode 5 | Nature Journaling

NED TALKS | Episode 4 | Skunk Cabbage

NED TALKS | Episode 3 | Rail Trail

NED TALKS - Episode 2 - PCCA's Nature's Palette

NED TALKS - Episode 1 - Bird Blinds


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