Meet the Masters at the Bloomsburg Children's Museum

Just for Kids

September 18, 2021 to December 18, 2021

Bloomsburg Childrens Museum

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It's never too early to introduce art through exploring the masters like Pollock, O'Keefe, and Picasso. Try the master's style with a hands-on art project. Recommended for ages 6+. $12 (includes Museum Admission)

September 18th: Picasso- This class is all about color, shapes, and patterns. And who other to learn these techniques than from the very best, Pablo Picasso. We will create these fun and funky cardboard faces. Bring your imagination!

October 30th: Jackson Pollock- Splatter, splash, and drip! For this Meet the Masters class, we will meet the famous artist, Jackson Pollock and create our very own splatter masterpiece. Don't forget your paint clothes!

November 20th: Keith Haring- What do action figures and breakdancing and graffiti have in common? Well, these are the influences of the famous artist, Keith Haring. You will love this class if you love fun, cool designs and endless possibilities.

December 18th: The Original Masters of Art- Cave Painters- Kids will make their own prehistoric cave painting using original techniques like painting in a cave!








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