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April 4, 2022 to June 1, 2022

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A Brief Introduction to Mutton

It's Mutton Season at Owens Farm:  Pre-Order by June 1

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       Mutton is meat from a sheep older than two years.  Although Americans are not traditionally mutton-eaters, it's standard fare in other countries.  You won't find it in ordinary grocery  stores, but  we do sell mutton once a year.
        Mutton is extremely flavorful and lean. It is excellent for stews, curries, and other long-cooking dishes.  We generally cut it into kabobs and ground meat.  Ground mutton can substitute for ground beef in any dish, and adds a new twist to meat loaf, chili, meat balls, spaghetti sauce, and those noodly cheesy casseroles you whip up out of whatever you have in the kitchen.  An added bonus are the soup bones, to make rich, meaty broths and stocks.
          The best mutton recipes come from countries with longstanding traditions of shepherding. Check out these delicious links:

Cooking With Mutton:  The London Telegraph
Mutton Recipes from Great British Chefs
13 Best Indian Mutton Recipes (with Tips and Tricks, and marinade suggestions)

     You see,  a sheep has one main job:  to produce lambs. Think of it as the SAT test of the sheep world.  If she can't or won't raise lambs, she needs to find a new home.  Perhaps in your  freezer.  We make those decisions in spring.  These are not sick sheep with medication in their body--like you might get at the auction but never know it.--these are healthy sheep.  As with our lambs, we handle  the butchering so you just pick up your cut/wrapped/frozen mutton here at the farm. 

      The price is $6.10 per pound of hanging weight, which varies according to the size of the mature animal but usually ranges from 50 to 80 lbs.
Thus,  a whole cost $300 to 480 depending on the size of the animal, and a half ranges from $150 to $240.  A whole mutton would put 35-50 pounds of meat in your freezer, depending on the final size of the animal.  Half a mutton would yield 15-25 pounds of meat.

How to Order: You can buy a whole or half. You put down a deposit now, then pay the balance upon pick-up.   Follow this link to the online payment page or send us an email if you prefer to order with check & snail mail. You can either pick it up at the farm on Meat Night or have it delivered to your home (incurs delivery fee). 

Timing   Deadline for orders is June 1.  The mutton will be ready in late June.

For an overall introduction  to the farm, check out our website.

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