The Exchange Gallery's "Cash & Carry" show

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November 21, 2022 to December 29, 2022

The Exchange

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To celebrate the 9th year of the show, and since 9 equals 3 squared, we gave away both square and triangular panels for artists to create on: We cut 333 squares and 133 triangles; the squares measure 8 inches on a side, the equilateral triangles 9-3/8 inches. Artists can paint on these panels, draw on them, glue a photograph on, knit around them -- ANYTHING.

We will begin sales on November 25th, Black Friday, when the "Parade of Lights" returns to Main Street in Bloomsburg. Come in and browse before then; on Friday, we'll start handing out numbers, and at 6 p.m. the person with number 1 gets to choose ONE piece; if she wants a second piece, she must take another number and go to the back of the line. Same with number 2, number 3, etc. Once the rush ends, then we open it up to as many pieces as each customer wants, but until then we keep it fair and fun. And when you pay for your piece(s), you may take it/them home -- thus the "carry" party of the show's name. (We do take checks and cards, but we just like the way that "Cash & Carry" sounds.) Every piece this year will sell for $30, with the artist receiving $24 (although any artist wishing to donate all of the proceeds to The Exchange may certainly do so). For the Gallery's weekly hours, visit






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