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February 22, 2021 to May 31, 2021

Exchange Arts

Another week of snow and great arty goodness!

February is always jam-packed with arty goodness! Our email sections are bursting with interesting links and videos to keep you entertained throughout the entire month of February. Limber up your scrolling fingers and let's get to it!

Exchange artist spotlight: Anya Berkheiser

This video features the artwork of Anya Berkheiser of Bloomsburg, one of the young exhibitors in the "What I Did In Quarantine" show.

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"In Opposition"

Show runs February 22nd through March 26th, 2021

One side of the gallery will display one piece, and on the opposite wall we will hang the oppositional piece.



Susquehanna Greenway Partnership photo contest winners

Erika Funke's Introduction to the Arts

WVIA Radio Host Erika Funke has been introducing us to the world of the arts for over 40 years. But what was her own introduction to the arts? The answer may surprise you.

Exhibition Walk Through Open House

SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 2021 AT 12 PM – 3 PM @ Pcca Gallery

Printing With Fire

Check out this cool video of Chad Andrews making prints from cardboard collagraph plates that he sets on fire! You can see the plates as artwork in the next Exchange Gallery show, "In Opposition", opening on Monday the 22nd of February.

The US Premiere Of The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Is Now Open In Chicago

Out Of The Shadows Art Contest

Universal Pictures - the original home of the monsters - brings you the chance to create the next generation of horror icons and win $10,000.

This NYC Artist Is Drawing & Then Gifting Subway Riders Incredible Portraits Of Themselves

The Dome of San Lorenzo

The intricate geometry inside this Baroque-style dome was designed to create "terror of the human soul." 

Black History Month @ BU

More information about the upcoming events will be posted throughout February on the Black History Month page.

28th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Speaker
Eddie S. Glaude, Jr, Princeton University

Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 6 p.m. via Zoom

Register in advance for this webinar: []

Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor and Chair of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton, will present “Lessons from the Later Dr. King.”

Glaude is an author, political commentator, public intellectual and passionate educator who examines the complex dynamics of the American experience. His writings, including “Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul”, “In a Shade of Blue: Pragmatism and the Politics of Black America”, and his most recent, the New York Times bestseller, “Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for our Own”, takes a wide look at Black communities, the difficulties of race in the United States and the challenges we face as a democracy.

A graduate of Morehouse College, he holds a master’s degree in African American Studies from Temple University and a Ph.D. in Religion from Princeton University.
26th Annual Sankofa Conference
Wednesday, Feb. 24, through Thursday, Feb. 25, via Zoom

The Sankofa Conference is an annual program hosted by the Multicultural Center, designed to help students learn, understand, and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of people of African descent. It promotes unity and understanding among students and a forum for discussion and learning. This year’s Sankofa Conference features a series of virtual workshops, highlighted by the Keynote address on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. entitled “Black in America,” a conversation with minister, activist, and scholar Nyle Fort as well as family members of George Floyd.


Startling New Evidence Suggests Stonehenge’s Inner Stone Circle Was Originally Erected 175 Miles Away, in Wales

Archaeologists suspect Stonehenge's inner circle originally stood at Waun Mawn in Wales.

Neil Anderson Traveling the Plane @ MAB

January 21st – April 24th, 2021 

Mark Mahosky visits the exhibition 
Neil Anderson: Traveling the Plane
to discuss the work of Neil Anderson

A New Documentary on HBO Shows How Black Artists Crafted Their Own Histories in the Face of an Art World That Excluded Them

A new documentary on HBO takes as a point of departure a 1976 exhibition that changed everything.

















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Upcoming Arts & Museum Exhibits Events

Ken Friedman: 92 Events on Exhibit at the Samek Art Museum

February 3, 2021 to March 20, 2021

From conceptual artist and previous director of Fluxus-West, Ken Friedman, this body of work comes from a time when artists around the globe struggled to free themselves from the idea of the artwork as a unique object and the idea of the artist as genius.

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Le’Andra LeSeur: In Reverence on exhibit at the Samek Art Museum

February 3, 2021 to March 20, 2021

Le’Andra LeSeur, Bucknell’s 2021 Ekard Artist-in-Residence, works with video, installation, photography, painting, and performance. Her work celebrates blackness, contemplates the experience of invisibility, and seeks to dismantle stereotypes surrounding Black female identity.

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Making Histories

February 17, 2021 to April 3, 2021

Making Histories - artifacts from the ancient world donated by retired Bucknell professor, James Turnure, and modern artworks from Bucknell president emeritus, Dennis O’Brien.

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