Beaver Community Fair

County Fairs are the quintessential American pastime. Before Ipods and Ipads, TVs, Imax Theatres, PCs, Laptops, cell phones and Angry Birds, Americans would flock to their County Fair to enjoy the midway, rides, races, contests, agricultural competitions and rodeos. Think of all movies or TV shows with scenes at the County Fair, usually at night, with lots of bright lights, crowds, games, cotton candy and someone always trying to win a stuffed animal for their sweetheart. Fairs are steeped in our heritage and traditions and I’m thrilled that they are alive and thriving in the Susquehanna River Valley, and the Beaver Community Fair in western Snyder County is a prime example of the best of the best, country County Fairs! Do yourself a favor and hop on Route 522 and head to Beaver Springs in September to enjoy a huge variety of Fair Fun!

Billing itself as “a real country fair that celebrates the best of country living’, the Beaver Community Fair was first sponsored by students from the Vocational Agriculture and Home Economic Departments of Beaver Vocational High School in 1928, to exhibit agricultural, Vo-Ag, and home economic projects plus promote greater interest in agriculture for school and community and to encourage the production of better crops and a higher standard of rural life. So successful was this venture that the entire community embraced it, inviting others to come and discover community pride and fun.

Through community support the festival grew from one day to a full week, adding livestock exhibits, farm crops, athletic events and contests, concessions, eating stands and games. Soon to follow were one act plays, talent shows and even the Miss Susquehanna Valley Beauty Pageant – a local counterpart of the Miss America Contest. Beginning with the construction of a World War Veterans Memorial in 1958, there are now 14 buildings on the seven acre fairgrounds.

The Beaver Community Fair will highlight a variety of events, exhibits, food and fun. There truly is something for everyone of every age to enjoy.

Animal exhibits will include cows, steer, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits and horse shows. Animals will be judged for showmanship and some will also be for sale. Some animals will even participate in an Animal Parade on Friday night. Other exhibits will include produce, commercial, floral and plus projects by 4H and FFA members. For those of you who are fans of “buy fresh, buy local”, area milk, cheese and baked goods will be showcased and sold.  Believe me – these items beat assembly-line grocery products any time!

Attention sweet-tooth owners:  Three of the major food contests at the Fair feature desserts!  They are the Hershey Baked Product [categories include chocolate cake, chocolate cookie, chocolate brownie and chocolate bar], Angel Food Cake, and the All-American Apple Pie. And let me tell you, after reading the on-line contest descriptions, I am drooling and seriously thinking of become a judge!

And speaking of food – what’s NOT to like about the variety of food found at a Fair? Forget about carbs, points or controlled portions. Go for the gusto and TASTE away while celebrating American culture!  Enjoy the “Fair Specialty” – pork sandwich – plus fish sandwiches, French Fries, hot sausages, homemade soups, pies, dinners, ice cream, plus, I’m praying the deep fried corn-on-the-cob is back for another year!

Competitions include tractor pulls, truck pulls, ATV pulls, horse-shoe pitches, hay bale throwing, tug of war, plus the Beaver Fair Queen Competition (who will compete in the State Fair Queen Competition for scholarship money). Kid fun and competitions include bagging grain, shelling corn, a pedal pull, milking cows, face painting, plus Tootles the Clown making his rounds throughout the fairgrounds. There will also be featured entertainment each night.

The Beaver Community Fair boasts and delivers something for all ages, while celebrating rural PA at its very best. Discover and participate in one of America’s greatest past times and traditions at the Beaver Community Fair. Visit their web site at for a complete list of events and directions to the fairgrounds. 

Fun Facts

  • The best place to park is in the dedicated parking on the fairgrounds or at the West Snyder Middle School. The only fee for the Beaver Community Fair is a $5.00 parking fee so load up the car or truck with friends and family!
  • Animals on exhibit must be cleaned and bathed daily. Imagine giving a 1500 lb. steer a bath a day. Now imagine trying to stop and catch the steer when he breaks loose as he just wants to go home!
  • There are over 3,000 registered exhibitors for all the events held at the Beaver Community Fair.
  • One year during a severe downpour, a woman determined to enjoy the entertainment wrapped herself in Saran Wrap!
  • The Beaver Community Fair is the only agricultural fair in Snyder County and also one of the biggest displays of agriculture in Pennsylvania.
  • It is a little known fact that the Beaver Community Fairgrounds are host to the annual High School State Rodeo Finals.