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Outdoor Recreation: Central Pennsylvania is home to some of the country’s most beautiful old-growth forests making it a popular destination for those who love nature. Both driving and bike tours can navigate you along some of the most scenic routes passing through the river valley. Central Pennsylvania is also home to a number of Amish farms with picturesque landscapes that enhance the tours. In the western forest lands you will find R.B. Winter State Park is a 695-acre lush wilderness that rightfully earned its title as the second-best place to mountain bike in the state. Its rolling hills and pathways make it ideal for bikers, and the park is also home to Halfway Lake where visitors can fish, canoe or kayak. Within a half hour’s drive, the 132-acre Shikellamy State Park has a breathtaking view of the Susquehanna River. Hikers can view white-tailed deer and many songbirds while trekking through the park. Across the river, the park hosts a marina, which offers a picnic area, boat docks and takeout for kayaks and canoes.  Southeast of the marina, you'll find the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, a 6,500-acre park that is home to extensive motorized and non-motorized trails for all levels of outdoor recreation. 

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Susquehanna River Valley Attractions Updates

Inside or out, regardless of the weather, we have attractions for all to enjoy! Climb a hill at one of three spectacular state parks or climb the hills of world-class wooden roller coasters at Knoebels Amusement Resort. Discover wild animals and reptiles, concerts-in-the-park, galleries, museums, and so much more!


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You don’t have to visit Napa or the Fingers Lakes for gorgeous vineyards and top-notch wines. Pennsylvania is ranked as the 5th most productive wine growing region in the United States. Summer is one of the best times to visit the Susquehanna River Valley’s ten family-owned wineries where you can sample award winning wines, tour the vineyards and relax in the sun. 

Susquehanna River Valley Wineries




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Pennsylvania currently ranks the number one state in the country for craft beer production. Central Pennsylvania is also home to the River Rat Brew Trail offering 15 breweries, each with its own distinct seasonal brews, ales and ciders.  The Susquehanna River Valley hosts 10 of the breweries on the trail, all begging visitors to stop by and sample their beverages.  Invite your friends, pull up a chair, and taste something new! With the area's most talented brew masters behind the taps, there's always a fresh draught to try. Plan your trip today and join us in celebrating the SRV's finest local brews. 

Susquehanna River Valley Breweries