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Central Pennsylvania's

Susquehanna River Valley

Need a long weekend to stretch it out by a day? Come to the Susquehanna River Valley, the perfect place to experience a weekend completely away from the rest of the world. Follow the river north and find your personal escape along its winding paths. There's something here for everyone to enjoy!

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You'll find plenty of events to fill up your schedule when you visit the Susquehanna River Valley. Take advantage of the captivating outdoors or maybe immerse yourself in some relaxing activities while you escape the urban life. There's something for everyone!

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Experience the flavors of the Susquehanna River Valley and take your palate on an adventure of discovery! Farm fresh produce and local meats combine to create cultural favorites and…

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Explore Our Regions

The wide open spaces, beautiful natural landscapes and hometown hospitality of our region continue to beckon travelers seeking their home-away-from-home destination. Whether on a solo journey, couple's retreat or family vacation, here you will find the adventures and amenities that will keep you coming back time and...

Northern River Valley

With quaint downtowns and a variety of shopping and dining experiences, the Northern River Valley attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Heart of the River

Located at the only place in Pennsylvania where the West and North branches of the Susquehanna River converge, the Heart of the River connects visitors and residents to the amenities found within the region

Western Forest Lands

The Western Forest Lands are known for their exquisite wooded areas perfect for hiking, biking, hunting and fishing. Visitors enjoy the picturesque towns and acres of natural beauty.

Southern Fields

Southern Fields and valleys bring one back to the simple joys of life: the taste of a tomato ripe off the vine, a tug at the end of a fishing rod and the wind as it blows across acres of corn.

Coal Heritage

Communities in the Coal Heritage region share a rich history founded by the anthracite coal industry. Today, that heritage is still celebrated by individuals who live, work and play here.