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Sunbury, PA

Northumberland County Treasure

Historic Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Founded in 1772, the City of Sunbury has a rich history, from its days as a Native American village and frontier fort to today. Due to its location at the confluence of the North and West Branches of the Susquehanna River, the City has long served as a regional transportation and industrial hub. Its picturesque downtown, historic district and vibrant neighborhoods make Sunbury a unique place to visit.

The City of Sunbury evolved from an important Native American center to a British built frontier outpost and then in 1772 became a proprietary town; the last one designated and laid out in Pennsylvania. John Lukens surveyed the land and planned the town for the heirs of William Penn who owned the property and sold the original lots. Sunbury serves as the county seat of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania's 10th county, also formed in 1772.

A port on the Pennsylvania Canal and a major railroad center, Sunbury bustled with the activity of many successful industrial ventures, which also spawned a thriving business district as well as residential growth.

More than 20 houses of worship are located in the City, some with congregational history dating back to the mid-1780s. Sunburians have always had a strong sense of civic engagement and developed volunteer fire departments, recreation areas, and a public library and continue to serve their community through various fraternal and service organizations.

Things to See and Do in Sunbury, PA

How to Find Sunbury, PA

From Routes 11/15: Take the Sunbury exit onto PA-61. Take the left ramp onto PA-147 north towards Sunbury/PA-61 S/Front Street. From Front Street: turn right onto Market Street at the first traffic signal to access the City's center and downtown area.

Map and driving directions

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