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Lake Augusta

The body of water created by the Adam T. Bower Dam was named after a frontier outpost located in the vicinity of Sunbury during colonial times. When the dam is fully inflated it raises the water level at least eight feet and affords 4 miles of unhindered boating. The lake is approximately 12 feet deep at the dam, tapering off to two and a half feet at the uppermost reaches.

Access to the river can be gained chiefly through the Shikellamy State Park on Packers Island between Sunbury and Northumberland. The park offers 100 marina slips (that may be acquired through seasonal leases) and boat launching areas for day trippers. The park also offers areas for hiking, picnicking and bicycling.

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“Quiet trails through black cherry and walnut forests. Witch hazel in fall and winter. Hickory and Chesnut trees in the spring.” – Raleigh, Lake Oswego, OR