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Native Paths Driving Tour

Discovering Paths of the Susquehanna River Valley's West Branch

Sego! (Greetings)

Welcome to Otzinachson, the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. 270 years ago, during the colonial period, this place was on the southern edge of Iroquoia.  It was here that Native Americans, colonists, and Europeans came together to trade, negotiate, and live. 

This tour will take you along the Native paths that formed arteries of exchange, communication, hunting, and war for Native peoples for centuries before the arrival of the European settlers.

As Bucknell University Professor Katie Faull sought to uncover the long-buried story of Moravian settlers in the Susquehanna River Valley, again and again she was struck by the stunning natural beauty and historical significance unknown to most visitors to the area. Read news article

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�I fell in love with the River and the sudden vistas. In exploring, I'd round a bend in the woods, only to suddenly find I'd been driving up hundreds of feet and the world had opened into farmlands and wildflowers, or into an endless landscape of mountains.� -Jeannette, South Windsor, CT