Lambing Clinic at Owens Farm (Registration Open)

Outdoor Adventure

December 16, 2019 to March 14, 2020

Owens Farm




Saturday March 14, 2020
9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Condense years of knowledge into one day with veterinarian Dr. Jackie Rapp,   a panel of experienced shepherds, and a barnful of lambs.   Morning session covers  pre-lambing management, normal birthing process, deciding whether to call the vet,   Top Ten Tips for Saving Lambs, and a demonstration of a necropsy to determine "Why Did This Lamb Die?"  Then we'll head to the barn to demonstrate  and practice management tasks such as ear-tagging, tube feeding,  nursing difficulties, and other common problems.  Even more important, we'll  show you how to recognize the behavior of healthy newborns who need no intervention.

How many lambs?
We will be knee-deep in lambs by the time of the clinic, as we are expecting over 200 lambs.  This should give you the opportunity to observe and discuss many scenarios and outcomes. We run two flocks, Katahdins and Coopworths, under two different management protocols.  We'll explain how and why.

March is cold--what about food and warmth?
The morning session will be inside the Klinesgrove Church,  followed by a shared covered dish meal.  Then we'll head over to the lambing barns, which are actually pretty warm with all those critters, The coffee pot will be on all day!

Where Are We?
Owens Farm is between Sunbury and Danville, PA, on Mile Post Rd.
More Info, Pics, Registration?
 Pre-registration is required, as seating is limited due to the hands-on nature of the program.  Program fee is $65  per person 12 and older.  Younger kids are free, although it may be a long, cold day for them listening to grown-ups blather on about sheep.



Saturday June 6, 2020
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

A full day dedicated to success with sheep,
taught by experienced shepherds on a working farm 


Getting started with sheep? Jump-start the learning curve and avoid common mistakes by spending a day with experienced shepherds--and a lively flock of sheep.  You'll learn practical handling skills, how to prepare for the Top 5 Sheep Problems, see equipment needed...or not..., learn do's and don'ts for purchasing sheep, and find valuable resources for continuing education. Expect a very hands-on experience.  

Program fee is $125 per person.  Pre-registration is necessary and attendance limited to maximize hands-on practice.  



Long drive?  Stay in our guesthouse.  We have accommodations for one group.  Click for details.

Caroline and David Owens

Owens Farm-Sheep Pen







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