Hike at Glacier Pools Preserve

Outdoor Adventure

April 7, 2019

Glacier Pools Preserve


This 273-acre property, protected by a conservation easement with the Linn Conservancy, is an island of mature trees, wildflower meadows, spectacular views, and vernal pools teeming with amphibians. On Sunday, April 7, beginning at 1 p.m., landowner Michael Gross will lead the hike with Bucknell biology Professor Mizuki Takahashi on hand to talk about amphibians and Professor Jeff Trop to discuss the geology of the area. Glacier Pools Preserve, 757 Pine Tree Rd, Hughesville, PA, is northwest of Picture Rocks. Visit www.glacierpoolspreserve.com for directions. To carpool, meet at 12-noon at Tractor Supply’s parking lot at the intersection of Route 642 and Route 147 near Milton.





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