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January 22, 2019 to February 28, 2019

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Life is good! Not only can you buy pasture-raised pork directly from our farm, but now you can have it delivered to your house on meat night if that makes your life easier. Delivery is available to Lewisburg, Selinsgrove, Danville, Sunbury, and Northumberland for a flat fee of $30. No need to decide now: we'll ask before meat night.

Our pigs are Tamworths
, a heritage breed who thrives on outdoor life. They are happy, healthy, and raised on a custom-mixed, non-GMO grain ration free from antibiotics, funky growth enhancers, or mysterious animal-by-products. But note: the pig supply is limited. We only raise piglets born on our farm, so Mother Nature is in charge of the inventory.

EZ link to reserve pork with a deposit

You can buy a whole, half, or quarter-pig Sampler. The meat will be cut/wrapped/labeled/and frozen when you pick it up. Wholes and halves are 'custom cut'. This means you choose which cuts you want, and how you want it packaged. Ham, for example, could be a roast or steaks. Pork chops could be thick or thin. Your choice. You also can choose between conventional cure, or a no-nitrate cure on the bacon and ham. Don't worry...we'll help you if its your first time!

The Sampler is a predetermined selection of the most popular cuts, and is nitrate-free.

Basic info: price, how much meat, etc..(links to PDF)
See how we raise our pigs, (links to our website)

To make a reservation, put down a deposit for the size you want: $150 for a whole, $75 for a half, $40 for a Sampler. You can pay online or with a check.
If mailing a check, let us know it's coming so we'll put you on the list promptly. Our street address is 2611 Mile Post Rd. Sunbury, PA 17801. Make checks payable to Owens Farm.

Feel free to contact us with questions.
Email caroline@owensfarm.com or phone 570 898 6060.

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