Mutton Season at Owen's Farm

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April 10, 2017 to June 30, 2017

Owens Farm


A Brief Explanation of Mutton Season

and why Spring is the time to buy retired or unemployed sheep...

Mutton is meat from a sheep older than one year.  Although Americans are not traditionally mutton-eaters, it's standard fare in many other countries.  You literally will never find mutton in ordinary grocery  stores around here. At Owens Farm, we do offer mutton in June.  

You see,  a sheep has one main job:  to produce lambs. Think of it as the SAT test of the sheep world.  If she can't or won't raise lambs, she needs to find a new home.  Perhaps in a freezer.  We make those decisions in spring.  These are not sick sheep with medication in their body--like you might get at the auction but never know it.--these are healthy sheep.  As with our lambs, we handle  the butchering so you just pick up your cut/wrapped/frozen mutton here at the farm. 

The price is $5.25 per pound of hanging weight, which varies according to the size of the mature animal but usually ranges from 50 to 80 lbs. Summary:  a whole cost $260-$420 depending on the size of the animal, and a half ranges from $130 to $220.

Cuts:  Mutton is usually cut into kabobs and ground meat. Mutton is extremely flavorful and does not have much fat.  Thus, it is superior in stews and long-cooking meals.  The ground, of course, can substitute anywhere you would use ground beef and will add an interesting flavor.  Ground mutton is a great way to jazz up meat loaf, chili, meat balls, spaghetti sauce, and those noodly cheesy casseroles you whip up out of whatever you have in the kitchen. You can even make lamb sausage!

Soup Bones:  a great fringe benefit:  you can also get back the bones for rich, meaty broths and stocks. .

How to order: You can buy a whole or half share. The way it works is you put down a deposit now, then pay the balance upon pick-up.  Follow this link to the online payment screen, or send us an email if you prefer to order with check & snail mail. 

Timing   The mutton will be ready in early to mid-June.

On the lighter side of the news, these ewes also make great pets, stable companions for solo horses, or mini-lawnmowers.  

If you or any of your international friends are looking for mutton, contact us for details at  For an overall introduction  to the farm, check out our website.

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