Elysburg Haunted House

Halloween Festivities

October 5, 2018 to October 27, 2018

Elysburg Gun Club


Elysburg Haunted House 

Fridays and Saturdays, October 5-27, 2018. Haunt opens at 7pm daily. $10

The only haunted attraction in Pennsylvania that includes haunted pathways through the woods and a walk-through, 2 story haunted house and cellar!

The Elysburg Haunted House is one of the longest running and most frightening Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania with a terrifying haunted woods entrance path into the haunted house, and a haunted woods exit path if you make it through! There are 24 different attractions/rooms/haunts in the house alone. Recognized as one of the top 3 haunts by a dark attraction magazine, this Haunted House is so scary “emergency escapes” have been added for those who are too spooked to continue. Celebrating 42 YEARS OF SCREAMS many of the interior and exterior ghostly features change each year. Watch for new rooms and themes to be added this year!  Be prepared to be “Scared to Death!”



We are located on Rt. 487 at the Elysburg Gun Club.

From Route 54 Danville: Turn left onto 487- Gun Club entrance is on the right.

From Route 54 Mt. Carmel: Turn right onto 497- Gun Club entrance is on the right.


There is plenty of parking available for large groups with buses, or large vans.

What to expect:

Upon entering the line, you will be met by some of our ghouls that are prowling about.

While waiting, you might be interested in purchasing food, drinks or souvenirs that are available from vendors. Once you reach the end of the line you will be directed up the wooded entrance path.

After surviving the entrance path you will enter the house of death. Good Luck- no turning back now.

If you manage to escape the house and think you are safe, you will retreat down a wooded exit path. Beware of what is lurking on the paths, they are full of ghastly surprises!


Gates are open from 7:00PM to ??

Ticket Price: $15


The Elysburg Haunted House is a community sponsored event that benefits the Elysburg and Ralpho (Overlook) Fire Departments.  In its’ first year in 1976, the Elysburg Jaycees ran it and the fire departments ran parking and concessions.  Unfortunately, that haunt was set on fire by arsonists the night before opening.  The next day (opening night) they banded together and recreated all the house rooms in a barn across the road using furring strips, black plastic and staples.  It turned out to be one of the largest crowds due to the publicity.  The second year, the event was moved to its current location on Rt. 487 at the Elysburg Gun Club property, and has been there ever since.  After the first year, the Jaycees admitted they couldn’t do such a large fundraiser, and the fire companies took it over at the new location. 

There is a rich and deep history of this event, and the history continues!  This will be a celebrated 40th anniversary of the haunt at the current location, and much preparation is taking place to celebrate this huge milestone!  It is one of the/if not the longest running haunt in PA!  Here are some fun facts about the haunt:

1.) It takes 65 to 85 volunteers each night to run the event

2.) It is a haunted woods in path, haunted house, and a haunted woods exit path.

3.) There are 21 different attractions/rooms/haunts in the house alone.

4.) Recognized as one of the top 3 haunts by a dark attraction magazine.

5.) All actors are volunteers.

6.) We have had visitors literally from all around the globe.  Last year we had at least 22 states represented, plus Mexico, Belgium, and Japan just to name a few!

7.) Many of the exterior attractions are changed each year.

8.) At least 7 to 10 of the house interior attractions are changed each year.

9.) 3 brand new rooms are being added this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

10.) Food vendors onsite.

12.) Wait time can be as long as 1 1/2 hours, but don’t worry, we keep you “hauntingly” busy while you are waiting!


Here are a few stories/history about the haunt:

1.) There is a local family who have been a part of this haunt since day 1!  The Woodruff family has 3 generations of family working each night during the event.  Along with them is about 6 other actors who have worked each and every one of the years since the beginning.  This summer, the one daughter was proposed to INSIDE THE HAUNTED HOUSE!  (they just love Halloween!)

2.) We have actors who met at the haunt, started dating, got married, and now their grown children work the haunt!

3.) We have people who had their first date at the HH, and now their kids work the HH!  Of course, they come back each year to relive that first date.

4.) A few years ago, we had an 84 year old lady who’s only wish for her birthday was to go through the haunted house with her family, and that was her birthday present!


We do mention, this is a dark ride attraction, and it is a haunt.  We have had many people throughout the years who have not been able to even go into the house due to their trip through the woods.  We assure each and every ‘victim’ that safety is of the utmost importance.  Many “emergency escapes” have been added in the past few years, so those who can’t make it through always can be escorted out.


Both fire companies are quick to acknowledge, the continued dedication of our ‘haunted house family’. There is no way the companies could do this without their help.  Many of the actors come together each year, just like a family at the holidays, and don’t see each other for a whole year.  The Haunted House is a great bunch of people who take great pride in what is accomplished. 






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