Seminar & Training: Leading Teams

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October 25, 2018

Central PA Chamber of Commerce


How to engage your team so they embrace new ideas and take action on new directions. Scientists have proven that change is typically greeted with negativity. This negativity results in lack of team alignment, internal fighting and passive resistance – the most expensive waste in an organization. The key to combating this reaction is to help people understand how they can feel like “winners” early in the cycle of change.

In this session, we will discuss tools and approaches to help you navigate leadership change or process redesigns and unite your team to help them break through barriers rather than hit a brick wall. This session will help you: Apply the Head – Heart – Hands method for leading change: a process of explaining the intellectual reasons for change, emotionally enrolling individuals to commitment, and empowering teams to be involved in planning. Maintain personal resilience through times of change. Gain insight into how change can help you grow into the leader you aspire to be. Create a tailored plan, with practical Step Up Challenges, to help you lead change effectively. The result: Powerful team camaraderie, alignment, and improved overall performance during times of change.





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