Bucknell SBDC HR Management Workshops

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March 21, 2019 to May 23, 2019

SBDC Business Education Center


Spring 2019 HR Management Series...


Tina Welch, of Welch Performance Consulting returns to present this Spring 2019 HR series. Business owners and employee supervisors can improve their human resource management skills by attending one or all three (featuring a discounted rate!) of these important sessions.



Personality Styles for Improved Communication

March 21


Have you ever thought, “Life would be easier if everyone just thought and acted like me!”?


Come learn how personality styles drive thoughts, behaviors and decision making; and how you can use the information to develop better communication.


Attendees will:

* Learn various models of personality assessment

* Complete their own personality assessment instrument

* Learn the needs, motivators and communication tendencies of each personality style

* Learn how to use this information to communicate in a manner that better gets your message across in a way that it can be received




The Millennial Dilemma: How to Attract, Motivate and Retain your Young Professionals

April 25


Our young professionals are the fastest growing generation in our workforce and bring with them a new set of workplace expectations that are perplexing our Gen-X and Baby Boomer leaders.


Knowing they are the future talent for our organizations, how do we attract, motivate and retain them for as long as possible?


Join us to learn:

* Why this issue is a real business risk to be evaluated

* What “magic-buttons” can be pushed to engage Millennials

* Strategies organizations should consider in order to be successful in attracting, motivating and retaining your next generation of employees




Best Practices of Performance Management

May 23


Ah, the performance discussion!


Whether it be a formal evaluation or addressing problem behavior, employees and managers seem to dread the thought of tackling these issues.


Join us to learn best practices to:

* Create a trustful coaching relationship as a framework for performance discussions

* Understand strategies that help you deal with performance discussions with minimized stress and conflict

* Make performance management part of daily work life, not an “event”







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